Reef Tank Relocation Part 3


Reef Tank Relocation Part 3

The lobby of the Panther Dining Hall is the perfect location for the DMES display reef tank, maintained and cared for by the Biological Oceanography Program at Florida Tech. There was just the right amount of space between the entry doors to the dining hall and the bathrooms, and the enormous size of this 250 gallon reef tank system and it stand and cabinetry feel more appropriate in the vaulted, high-ceilinged room. Although the reef tank will stay here for some time, at least as long as the Link Building is undergoing renovations, the Biological Oceanography students will continue to care for the tank, including cleaning, feeding, and monitoring water chemistry. Occasionally there are plumbing or electrical problems with the system as well.  When this happens, the students trouble shoot the problems and come up with solutions. All-in-all, it is really a good experience for the students to take care of such a large system, dealing with mechanical, chemical, and even biological/ecological issues.  It has already become apparent that the most common joke about the new Panther Dining location for the reef tank is, “well, the sea food sure is fresh today!” … yeah, we’ve heard that one before.


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