College of Business students going to Canada


5 students of the College of Business have been selected out of over 4,000 participants in the X-Culture Project to receive an exclusive invitation that was presented to only 150 students world-wide.

This invitation opens the opportunity for the students to embark on a trip to attend the Global Business Week Conference 2019 hosted by the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. where they meet in person with their team members and the management of their client organizations

Thus, the students will be able to interact with international team members they have worked with for the past semester through attending meetings with the challenge companies, visiting top multinational office locations, participating in International Night.

The program also includes numerous career and professional development workshops, various seminars, and networking events. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the world’s leading International Business and Management educators, along with other students from around the world.

  • Bayan Al kathiri- Business Administration
  • Federica Pala- Business Administration
  • Karlista Maroney- Business Entrepreneurship
  • Emily Hall- Global Management & Finance
  • Ryan Fink- MBA and Master in Accounting and Financial Forensics

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