From Football Player To World Traveler


For former student and football player Kaleb Leach, Florida Tech played a big role building his skills and professionalism.

“I have been blessed to live a life that some people only dream of. ”

Kaleb Leach

Kaleb graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Business & Environment Studies, May 7, 2016.

For the past three years, Leach has been able to live in three different countries,  pursue a masters degree and play professional football on different continents.

Currently, Leach is an international real estate developer for a company that builds A-frame homes around the world.

During his college career, Leach was able to continue his theological studies as well as play football at both the University of Toronto and Florida Tech.

“You have to think beyond expectations. I was eager to learn theology while pursuing my collegiate football dreams.”

Leach says that it is difficult to survive life with two directions, his being football and theology, but he found a way to pursue both.

Leach credits his coach, team members and supportive friends for fostering his commitment to living his dreams and the drive to keep going.

Check out this mini-documentary about Leach from Course Hero.


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