The exceptional adventure of Spain Study Abroad


The success of life came from how we respond and develop ourselves. During study abroad in Spain, a number of projects have done with groups and individually. In a project, meeting company representatives not only enhance knowledge of business operations but also build experience.

It is true that companies focus on global strategy to maximize overall concerns of profit and sustain in the competitive marketplace. The companies look to extend their marketplace and Spain study abroad program is a good option to target them.

ESADE business school is the largest university in Spain and they have campuses all over the university. They have separate student council to assist students with their career and education growth.

The last summer visit to Barcelona and Malaga trip was outstanding and actually learns a lot towards traveling and meet different people.  Regarding food, they had developed great taste in their breakfast and serve tourist with high hospitality services.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Bryant, leader of the Spain global experience for the Bisk College of Business at FIT.

Spain is a great place for tourist that respects culture for other countries. The Malaga city has fortresses that had great joy and they had initiated different projects that will be finished by 2026. The Prado museum in Madrid Spain is the third best Museum in the world that reflects the true passion of Spain culture and ancestry.

Students really need to accommodate certain things and want study abroad to explore their knowledge. It builds courage and commitment in practical life.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Bryant, leader of the Spain global experience for the Bisk College of Business at FIT.

Spain is a wonderful country to visit. After this 10 days international business experience students came back from Spain has always amazed regarding culture or meeting business executives.

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