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By Rose Petralia

Chemists, if you haven’t visited SciFinder this summer, now’s a good time to catch up with some pretty spiffy web-version enhancements.

Want to analyze articles by their influence? Now all of your reference answer sets can be sorted by Citing References. This feature lets you see the popularity of articles at a glance.

Another timesaver is the addition of citations to SciFinder’s extensive collection of Medline Records. Increase your research power by retrieving many references in a single search.

The most stunning enhancement is SciFinder’s SciPlanner┬áReaction Planning Tool, an electronic lab notebook that lets you work with references, substances, and reactions in one space, organizing and combining results in ways that are meaningful to you. You can drag and drop structures and references onto the work space, create and customize synthetic pathways, and then share everything with colleagues and students. Notebooks can also be printed to PDF for turning in with assignments. Your SciPlanner is dynamic, and is saved from session to session, so you can access it each time you sign on.

SciPlanner electronic research notebook

SciPlanner electronic research notebook

This feature should please lots of SciFinder users: ISIS/Draw structures can now be copied and pasted directly into SciFinder’s structure editor, eliminating the need to duplicate your diagrams.

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