Dr. Proctor’s Roach Research


Animal Behavior specialist, Dr. Darby Proctor, made the front cover of Discovery Magazine with her roach research:

“Utilizing cockroaches as testing subjects is a new frontier that has a world of potential.

In her fall physiological psychology classes, Darby Proctor, assistant professor in the School of Psychology, introduced Blaberus discoidalis roaches to learn about neuroscience. The idea stemmed from a desire to provide an interactive experience for the students who are dealing with many complex concepts. Proctor uses equipment and electrodes that attach to a roach’s leg and can manipulate the neurons and electricity moving the limb.”

By Ryan Randall:

To read the full article, you can go online https://newsroom.fit.edu/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/MK-628-1118_FINALweb.pdf


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