What is industrial and organizational psychology (I/O) and why do I recommend you consider a career in the field?


Industrial and organizational psychology (I/O) is psychology applied to the workplace. I/O psychology is applied. That means we study things that matter and we use the results of our research to make recommendations for improvements that matter to people at work. We help people do their jobs better and feel better while doing their jobs. I/O psychologists might work in the areas of: assessment and selection, training and development, performance management and succession planning, organizational metrics, organizational change and development and they might have job titles such as: people analytics, research specialist, talent management specialist, consultant, director of leadership development, testing specialist and executive coach.

In 2011 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that industrial and organizational psychology is the 9th fastest growing profession and the 10th highest paying job in the U.S. (median salary of $120,000 per year).

Some of the hottest trends in industrial and organizational psychology are: 1) understanding and managing the global workforce, 2) using technology in smart, effective ways, 3) better synthesis and use of HR analytics, and 4) using I/O psychology principles for prosocial and humanitarian applications.

If you have an affinity for psychology, a mind for business and want to make a difference, an advanced degree in industrial and organizational psychology just might be right for you!


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