#268 – Fido at the Office


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268-290 Fido at the Office

Based on research by Colarelli, Stephen M., McDonald, A. M., Christensen, M. S., & Honts, Christopher. (2017) written by Mara Rowcliffe, MS.

We love and value dogs. But do you know your furry companion may help you get along better with others?

Psychology researchers from Central Michigan University evaluated the benefits of dogs being present during work projects . Their first experiment asked participants to work together to come up with a 15-second advertisement and slogan for a fake project.  The next experiment included playing the prisoner’s dilemma game, were individuals needed to decide whether to cooperate with each other for the common good, or to just consider their own individual needs.  Each experiment had two groups, one with a dog present, and one without.  The group interactions were videotaped.  After these tasks, participants were asked to report how satisfied they felt with the group and how much they trusted their group members.  Independent raters reviewed the video tapes for verbal and physical signs of bonding, closeness, and cooperation.  Results revealed that groups with a dog present showed more closeness than those without.  They also demonstrated more cooperation and their group members reported they trusted each other more.

Another reason why dogs are great! They even help people get along while working



Colarelli, Stephen M., McDonald, A. M., Christensen, M. S., & Honts, Christopher. (2017). A Companion Dog Increases Prosocial Behavior in Work Groups. Anthrozoös, 30(1), 77-89


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