Housing: The Inside Scoop


Husband Hall in Columbia Village

When I first came to Florida Tech, I was here on a tour. During the campus tour, I got to see what one of the residence halls looked like, but I really didn’t get the chance to see all three housing options that there were for incoming freshman. Since I’ve been atĀ Florida Tech, a new option for freshman has been added, making it even harder to tour all of the options before signing upĀ for a room. Well fear no more! I’m about to give you an insider scoop to what each of your housing options are as an incoming freshman.

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About Author

Gabby received her Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Communication at Florida Tech. She is now working on her Systems Engineering master's degree. She works on campus as a Resident Director in the Residential Quad. Gabby really enjoys art whether its painting, sculpting, or photography, but her favorite thing is combining her two interests, engineering and art!

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