Where Can I Eat?


RatRathskeller Eatery and Black Kats Kafé – Evans Hall

You can find the Rathskeller Eatery and Black Kats Kafé filled with students at night. The Rat is open late night and even delivers on campus! You can order pizza, sandwiches, wings, ribeye; they even have a healthy menu! It is also a mini grocery where you can buyer freezer options like ice cream and necessities like razors. The Rat has many entertainment features as well. There is a stage for live entertainment, pool tables, and televisions. Dining Services hosts many different events here, like Karaoke Night in the Kafé.

Black Kats Kafé is open from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. and is famous for their milkshakes. You can order hot and cold beverages and treats like cheesecakes. After you order, grab a board game from the cabinet or settle in and watch the movie playing.

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