Ok, maybe this isn’t the kind of “exposed” exposure you were looking for, but some open shutter photography can shed a whole new light on the seemingly dull and boring night life. On a Tuesday night, the air was crisp and cool, the moon was high and bright, and I had some caffeine! I took some pictures of the┬áSebastian Causeway, the Indian River and Melbourne Beach.


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I have long been fascinated with anything that flies. Growing up in Florida, there are major airports everywhere, and driving by them was always a real treat for my eager eyes. As a freshman at FIT in the College of Aeronautics, majoring in Aeronautical Science with Flight, I will be living my dream: flying. Combine that passion with my passion to photograph, and it's a surefire recipe for success. I consider myself extremely lucky to have this opportunity, and in the next four years, I hope to share my experiences with you, showing that dreams really can come true when you go out of your way for something. Life is extraordinary!

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